Art work MAPS

Maps are to me symbols of all those exotic countries I would like to visit, or have already traveled to.

Here you can get handmade line-drawing maps of continents, countries, rivers and lakes. So, if you have a video about, let’s say Mexico, you can use the line-drawing map of Mexico. I chose hand-made line drawing because I like the imperfect vintage look. The files are in PNG format with transparent background. By default, I create the maps both in white and also in black. If you need other color, I can transform the maps into any other color. Indicate the color name, or even more precise, the HTML notation of that color. In the gallery below are included some examples of colored line-drawing maps as well with indicated HTML notation for the used color. Feel free to ask for a different color.

Since the background of the art work maps is transparent, you can use such art work as video overlay in your video intro as I did in my videos about the metamorphosis of a moth in the Alps of Austria and about our Yucatán trip, Mexico.

Please order via e-mail (higher resolution for printing is possible, too).

South America

Central America

North America

Caribbean Islands (incomplete)

Witold Lapinski on Río Napo, Ecuador, map

Europe (incomplete)

Africa (incomplete)

Asia (incomplete)

South-East Asia & Australia (incomplete)