Welcome to FreeWildThings Pix !

I am Witold Lapinski, Dr. rer. nat.

My passion is roaming tropical rainforests and other wild places in search of strange and beautiful animals, plants, landscapes, adventures and freedom. I have a doctor degree in biology from the University of Ulm, Germany. I also studied biology during an exchange year at the University of Costa Rica. My scientific focus lies on the ecology and behavior of wandering spiders, tarantulas and scorpions. Feel free to check out my publications post which I keep up to date.

I love to use the rope climbing technique in order to climb giant rainforest trees looking for wildlife, especially during the night. Since my teens I am a passionate tarantula keeper. My love for adventures in the wilderness brought me to nature photography and film making.

German (native),
English and Spanish (very good to fluent),
Portuguese (beginner level).

On YouTube I run the channel NaturaVista, which is related to adventure, wildlife and travel.

In the rainforest of Costa Rica.

Witold Lapinski in Costa Rica.